The Hazardville Water Company is a privately owned public utility. It was established in 1892, and has since been a family owned and operated business. The Company is currently in the third generation of ownership by the Avery & Dewing Families, who purchased HWC from the Bridges Family in 1937. In the 30’s the company serviced about 1,000 customers and had only a few miles of main. Today, there are 7,300 customers living along 117 miles of main requiring 12 wells capable of pumping 4.2 million gallons on any given day.

Mission Statement

In 1992 the Company celebrated its 100th Birthday with a new philosophy: To strive for the highest level of quality, service and professionalism. HWC is receptive to the customer’s concerns and the Company endeavors to provide the highest quality of service possible. Our customers’ input is an integral component in determining methods by which we provide quality service and an important indicator of the quality of service being delivered.

Hazardville Water Company Urges Customers to Conserve Water

Due to the lack of significant rainfall and higher than normal demand for water, The HazardvilleWater Company is asking its customers to conserve water and reduce non-essential outdoor water use. Conditions in Connecticut currently range from “abnormally dry” to “moderate drought” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“Due to the current conditions, Hazardville Water is urging customers to reduce water use,” said Jonathan S. Avery, president of The Hazardville Water Company. “It is very important that non-essential water use is reduced to ensure that all customers have water when it is needed.”

Fire Departments are asked to avoid using water for training exercises.

The Company recommends the following tips to reduce water use:

  • Avoid watering lawns; allowing grass to grow longer requires less water
  • Clean decks, walkways and sidewalks with brooms or blowers instead of water
  • Don’t wash cars or boats with a hose
  • Shut off ornamental water displays
  • Turn water off while brushing teeth, shaving, and washing hands
  • Take shorter showers
  • Promptly repair any leaks

From the Staff

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