Meters, Mains and More

The system that brings water from the HWC wellfields to your home is made up of many different components. While water mains and water meters are probably the most recognizeable elements, there are also corporations, curb boxes, valves and remote readers. The water mains are the miles of underground pipes that transport the water from our wells to our customers’ homes. They are located within public right of ways or within easements. The mains are buried at a depth of 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet and are usually located on the side of the road where the fire hydrants are stationed. The Hazardville Water Company owns 101 miles of water mains, which are made from a variety of materials.


  • A water meter is installed in the home or business of all HWC customers. The meters used by HWC measure water consumption in cubic feet, and customers are billed in 100 cubic feet intervals. (100 cubic feet of water = 748 gallons.) All the meters that the Hazardville Water Company presently has in service range in size from 5/8 to 6 inches. Most homes served by the Company have a 5/8″ meter. The meters are Company owned, but the customers are responsible for protecting the meter from damage (e.g. freezing, vandalism).
  • The service connection is the pipe that connects the water main to your building. It is Company owned to the curb valve and customer owner (customer service line) from the curb valve to the building.
  • A corporation or “corp” is the brass connection at the water main that ties the service line to the main and is Company owned.
  • The valve that controls the flow of water into your home is called the curb valve. It is accessible through the Curb box, a cylindrical iron box that provides access to the curb valve. The curb box cover protects the curb valve and keeps the box free of dirt and debris.
  • A home that is set back from the road many times will have its meter installed in a pit instead of in the basement. The service lines are joined to the meter beneath the ground in a vault and protected from the elemnets by a heavy cover.
  • The main valve, in most cases, is located within the premise, is customer owned, and controls the flow of water coming into the home or business.
  • The remote reader or register is the small black box located on the outside of your premise that permits meter reading without entering the home.
  • Pressure reducing valves are usually found only in high pressure areas. They control and regulate the pressure of water coming into the building.
  • Fire hydrants are owned by local fire departments. They provide water for fire protection and allow the water company to flush the water mains.